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Pete Moody

This website is designed to help vocalists learn to sing. The videos available here are FREE of charge to view. You may subscribe to Pete Moody's YouTube channel and submit requests for new videos there. For in-depth information on training your voice and marketing yourself as a performance artist, it is recommended that you get a copy of 'How to be a Pop Sensation - The Ultimate Guide for Vocalists'. This book covers all contemporary styles of singing and is available in both paperback and kindle format. More information relating to singing and speech can be found at Pete Moody's personal website - all contact and enquires should also be directed here. For corperate or private bookings please visit Pete's main site. The vocal techniques available on this page are for information only.

Developing a professional singing voice is far easier than many believe. NEW techniques allow both novices and experienced singers to develop vocal excellence within a very short space of time. Through a variety of unique 'non-classical' techniques we are able to train our voice, gain professional insight and also realise the full potential of our ability. Singing Lessons are no longer about singing scales at the piano. Our aim should be to enjoy the learning process with exciting techniques and inspirational guidance. Pete Moody has proved his ability to transform voices on many National TV Shows and at Theatres across the country. Previous students include Chart Topping Performers and West End Stars. The knowledge and art of singing is now available to everyone. Along with amazing techniques, Pete also offers DEMO production and professional advice during singing lessons.

Pete Moody is considered one of the UK’s leading voice coaches. With a formal musical background, Pete implements and continually develops fast, fresh singing and speaking techniques.
Over the last 10 years, Pete has enabled literally hundreds of individuals to develop a professional sound and forge vocal excellence.
The unique techniques are suitable for complete beginners, through to pro-singers. Everyone will develop and discover a new world of ability, versatility and vocal stamina. Through highly visual, energetic demonstration, results are evident within minutes.