Pete Moody's Complete Singing Warm-Up

Learn to Sing...Every PROFESSIONAL vocal performer knows that, to stay on top, they need to keep practicing and constantly learning about their voice...

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Dynamics and Connecting with Your Audience   
How To Look Comfortable and Confident When Performing A Song

Emotion and Singing
Dealing With Performance/Audition Nerves
Pitching/Rhythm Technique for Singers
Shaping The High Notes
How To Approach Your Singing Practice
Promote Yourself to Record Companies
Learn How To Improve Group or Choir Sound
Microphone Technique
Skype Lessons With Pete
Complete Warm-up - Prepare Your Sound
Vocal/Singing Warm-Up '3 Finger Stretch'
Advanced Technique to Blend Your Voice into a Track
Marketing Yourself as a Musician/Singer/Performer
Practice Singing Without Making a Sound
Tips to Increase Your Vocal Range Safely
Maximizing Your Singing Workout
Breathing/Diaphragm Control for Singing
Inroduction to Vocal Placement and Versatility Through Resonance
How to Sing Swing
Dynamics and Connecting with You Audience

Pete on Music Show 'Showcase TV' (Grananda Media)
Pete on 'The Trisha Goddard Show' (Channel 5)
Pete Chatting To Student & X-Factor Finalist Adam


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